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About Us



About me:

Born and raised on the Cape, I am a true beach girl at heart.  I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and of course having my family close is a major plus.  I come from a product design and sourcing background.  At my previous job I had been travelling back and forth from Asia, sourcing for a wholesale home décor and gift company.  Although I enjoyed the travel, it was hard at times to be so far away and I found myself wondering what else I could do.  This was when I came up with the idea to start Harp & Sole. 

It has been 4 years now in business and wow things have changed!  Sadly, we lost Harper in 2021 after her long battle with cancer.  After losing my best friend I just felt like something was missing so we searched and waited for the right dog to come along and we found him.  We welcomed, Sully, our chocolate lab mix in September of 2021.  He is such a goofball, definitely the light hearted breath of fresh air that we needed!  If you follow me on social media, I'm sure you've seen him once or twice! 

Not long after adopting Sully, we found out I was expecting our first son!  We welcomed Mason in July of 2022 and it has been a whirlwind ever since.  Becoming a mom was something I never thought I could do when travelling.  Now I get to work from home and be a mom, it doesn't get much better than that!

It's been a wild ride, learning how to navigate running a business and being a new mom but I wouldn't have it any other way!  So if you love babies, dogs, cute clothes and just have an all around great sense of humor, please make sure to follow me. If anything, I'm sure it will be entertaining!

My Mission:

I want to bring you fun trendy clothing that doesn’t break the bank and makes you feel great.  It’s also important for me to offer something for every body shape, clothing that fits real bodies, not the size 0 models we see everywhere (no offense if you are a size 0- if I could only be as lucky!).  I have personally always struggled with finding clothes that were true to size and or fit right.  So at Harp & Sole Boutique, I hope to be able to offer a better solution for all you online shoppers who are tired of ordering and returning all the time!

Why the name Harp & Sole?

Harp is short for my best friend a.k.a sidekick a.k.a my black lab mix Harper!  I adopted her while living in Florida and going to college.  She has been a part of so many life events, from graduating college, moving up the East coast, new jobs, relationships and getting married.   I couldn’t imagine going through any of this without her by my side.  So I thought it was only appropriate to incorporate her into my title of my next chapter.   Although, I can’t only thank Harper for the inspiration, as my sister is the one who came up with the name.  I struggled on what to name my boutique and one night while I was in China on a sourcing trip I got a message from my sister telling me she figured out a name,  “Harp & Sole” I said I loved it and it stuck! I thought it was a perfect name to incorporate Harper and my love for fashion and shoes, but it’s also a clever play on the words.  I have finally decided to follow my heart & soul and do something I have always wanted to do.

* On June 1st 2021 Harper passed away peacefully at the age of 14.5 after a long battle with cancer. I will always miss my sidekick/ soul dog but I know she is at peace. She will forever be with me in my heart, which is why I will continue on and honor her here at Harp & Sole!





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